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All Natural Monoatomic Gold Sunscreen

All Natural Monoatomic Gold Sunscreen

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Sunscreen, unfortunately, can be a major concern when it comes to toxicity. Conventional brands often contain numerous harmful chemicals, making you question whether using it is truly beneficial. It's alarming to discover that many of these brands include ingredients that are known to be carcinogenic. Given the current circumstances, it's crucial to prioritize reading labels and being aware of the ingredients in the products you use for yourself and your loved ones.

Using glass containers for skin products offers several important advantages over plastic alternatives. Firstly, glass is a non-reactive material, ensuring that the product inside remains pure and uncontaminated. Unlike plastic, which can leach chemicals into the contents, glass preserves the integrity of skincare products, particularly those with sensitive skin. Secondly, glass is a sustainable choice. It is infinitely recyclable, meaning it can be reused without any loss in quality. By opting for glass packaging, you contribute to reducing plastic waste and minimizing environmental impact. Overall, the use of glass containers for skincare products is a wise choice, ensuring product safety, sustainability, and preservation of quality. Our sunscreen is available 4oz amber glass pump bottle, making it very practical to use.

Monoatomic Gold -Throughout history, Monatomic Gold has been revered by civilizations such as the Faranis and Pharaohs. They harnessed its power by incorporating gold into clay masks, effectively rejuvenating and preserving their skin. Building upon ongoing studies, we now understand that the frequency of Gold resonates within our cells, influencing their behavior. By facilitating the leap of electrons, Monatomic Gold promotes a surge in electrical charge, catalyzing vital exchanges at both the cellular and neural levels. This remarkable process aids in repairing and enhancing overall bodily functions, bolstering the body's defense against cellular deformations. As a result, it fosters the rejuvenation of the physical body. Moreover, Monatomic Gold not only complements but amplifies the effects of your best practices for a healthier, more fulfilling life, positively impacting your well-being—physically, mentally, and psychologically.

To apply the sunscreen:
1. Start with clean, dry skin. Gently cleanse your face and any other areas where you plan to apply sunscreen.
2. Take a small amount of the sunscreen on your fingertips. Non-nano zinc oxide sunscreens usually have a thicker consistency compared to chemical sunscreens.
3. Apply the sunscreen evenly to the desired areas. Start with small amounts and blend it in, using gentle, circular motions. Pay extra attention to areas that are more exposed to the sun, such as your face, neck, arms, and legs.
4. Cover all areas adequately and rub the sunscreen in until it's evenly distributed. Be mindful of any specific instructions provided on the sunscreen's packaging.
5. Reapply the sunscreen every two hours or more frequently if you've been sweating heavily or swimming. Remember, even though zinc oxide sunscreens tend to be long-lasting, regular reapplication is essential for optimal protection.
6. After applying the sunscreen, allow it to dry for a few minutes before putting on any makeup or heading outdoors.
Our sunscreen offer broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. They are generally considered safe and effective, even for individuals with sensitive skin.

SPF 45

Sunscreen doesn't need to have all the nasty chemicals in it to be effective! Enjoy long sun protection naturally!

Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax, Organic Raspberry Seed Oil, Calendula Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, Monoatomic Gold.

How to use

Prior to using any product for the first time, skin patch testing is often recommended as a method of determining if you have an existing sensitivity/irritation to the natural constituents present in a particular ingredients.

Apply over clean skin.


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Customer Reviews

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Daniela Ribeiro
Very good

Great product, with good quality 👍🏻

Flavia Jambeiro

Amazing product!! You should have to try!!!

Good product

I’ve notice good improvements after using this product. My skin looks moisturized and protected.

Cleiton Bernardo
It's excellent, it works great!

Love the scent!

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