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Fabragi Fashion

Fabragi Fashion

Lives in  California United States · Born on January 1, 1985
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January 1, 1985
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September 23, 2015
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December 23, 2014
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About Me
Forget us. It's about YOU!

Fabragi (Fa-bra-gi) apparel is just another fashion clothing brand. The only noticeable difference is that our Textile Model Insignia allows YOU to:

• Show off the Social STATUS that YOU have earned!
• Fit into the Social CLASS that YOU deserve!
• Climb the Social LADDER of YOUR dreams!
• Live the lifestyle of the RICH & FAMOUS!

YOUR current fashion doesn't reveal YOUR Social STATUS? Our Textile Model InsigniaTM can cleverly display YOUR fashion financial value; thus, subtly revealing YOUR Social STATUS!

Dress for success! Differentiate YOURSELF! Show off YOUR Social STATUS NOW!

Join us to standardize the fashion industry with the Textile Model Insignia!

Visit us at
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fashion enthusiasts
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